Your Morning, Your Day: The Transformative Power of a Thoughtful Morning Routine.

Why do some people seem to achieve so much, one thing after another they manage to progress.

On the one hand, of course, this is due to an inner upright attitude, to go your own way with determination and self-confidence.

And secondly, this is due to the very clear intention they give their days.

A perfectly normal morning

What is the very first thing most people do in the morning?

For many people, the first thing they do in the morning is look at their cell phone – including me, by the way, sometimes I do that and then I immediately realize what I’m doing – and that basically predetermines the whole day. One message after the other is answered, which of course provokes the arrival of further messages that also have to be answered. The social media feeds are read.

And although this can of course also be inspiring and provide new ideas, it is counterproductive in the morning because it distracts you from your own goals and puts you into a reactive mode.

And so the days, weeks and years go by. For the most part, we only react instead of acting. If you are only in this reactive mode in the morning and then for most of the day, it is difficult to switch to your own goals or even achieve them.

Just as our childhood has a decisive influence on our lives, the morning has a decisive influence on our days.

At some point it became very clear to me and I asked myself what the alternatives were. What would I prefer?

  • Do I want to determine the course of my day myself or do I want to leave it to others?
  • Do I want to decide the results of my day myself or should others do that?
  • What about the things I do, feel, what I eat, the colleagues I work with? Do I want to determine that myself or is it enough for me to go with the flow?

How can we escape this circle? How can we take control of our day and our results?

Two effective tools that give us control

Here are two things I do regularly in the morning that work for me and have such an incredible impact on my life that I’d like to share them with you:

  1. Meditation
    I meditate straight after getting up. Sometimes it’s five minutes, sometimes 15, and sometimes it’s just one minute. But I take this moment of awareness. To briefly realize how this day can and should go. Try it out… whatever feels good and right. You’ll raise your awareness threshold, get closer to yourself, become more centered, tidier and more focused.
  2. Writing a journal
    I started doing this a few years ago. First on a blank pad, which didn’t work for me because it was too unstructured. Then I bought a “ready-made” journal. That worked better because there were certain questions that, if you answer them regularly and repeatedly, have a great effect. They automatically lead you towards your goal. Nevertheless, I continued to experiment with it and realized that I was missing some important questions or that answering these questions would help me even more to focus and get to where I want to be in the long term. So I finally built my very own template and I love working with it. I’m moving forward much faster.

I can only highly recommend that you also establish a morning routine. Whether you start with meditation or find something else to start your day consciously may not be important at first.

However… writing a journal is really a must have!!! It is important to write first thing in the morning because your head is still relatively free of extraneous thoughts, expectations and disturbing impressions.

Would you like to try my template? Send me a message and I will send it to you either in German or in English, whatever you prefer.

The deeper meaning of journaling or jounaling is that you are with yourself every day, remind yourself of your goals and mentally put yourself in a position to tackle and follow through with the things you set out to do.

You have to move from wishful thinking and talking about it to actually doing it. Simply take one step at a time until you reach your goal.

And you also write down the most important things to do every day. However, these are not normal to-do’s, only those that are related to our long-term goals.

If you do this consistently and every day. Then you can achieve everything, not just physical goals and material things. Simply everything.

Speaking of being able to imagine or not: our imagination is sometimes also the problem why we don’t achieve things. Because we simply cannot imagine them. We orient ourselves towards others and think that this is also our (mental) limit. How would we know that?

But that might be worth a topic of its own: what can I actually imagine I want to achieve and accomplish and why exactly that and not twice or a hundred times as much?

What exactly is the difference in thinking, output etc. if you follow a morning routine or not?

Quite simply: the focus is completely different. And that’s where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

You simply have a choice here and that was also my thought when writing this article… so that we realize that we really do have this choice.

Shall we

  • focus on tasks that we have to do (for others)?
  • that no one can criticize us?
  • that everyone is satisfied with us and our work?
  • that no work will be left, everything finished?
  • that we fit in?

Or would we rather

  • have a clear goal in mind?
  • and these goals have priority over those of other people?
  • we want to have a clear plan on how to achieve our goals and ensure implementation step by step.
  • do we want to achieve our goals in any case, even if others don’t like it, if we don’t fit in?

We have the choice!

And of course you can think to yourself: Do I need this? Sure, you can do without all that.

It has worked so far.

The only question is, do you want to develop and achieve things other than those you have achieved so far? Then you also have to do other things than the ones you have done so far.

For me, these two things – meditation and journaling – are a real game changer. Give it a try!

My conclusion:

The MORE CONSCIOUSLY we start the day and focus on ourselves and our goals every day, the greater our inner satisfaction will be. Because we realize that we ourselves determine where the journey takes us.

All we have to do is shape our mornings differently. It must become OUR mornings so that the day has a chance to become OUR day and so that we have lived OUR life at the end.

I hope you enjoy trying it out and please let me know if you would like to use my journal template and I will send it to you.


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