Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Business Program: Create your Dream Business
- 12 weeks
- 1:1 individual sessions for exactly your situation
- we work together on YOUR business goals
- with clear results, you will be at a different point in your life afterwards. Are you ready for this?

Individual strategy session for your business setup
- Duration 90 min
- 1:1 individual session for exactly your business goals
- receive your personal strategy plan, your roadmap which that you can continue on your own
- Bonus: Template for your daily goals and progress

individual business coaching - flexible and matching your personal challenges

You have an idea or a project that absolutely has to get out into the world. Maybe you’ve already written a concept for it, maybe not, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you’ve already taken the first steps and now want to grow your business. What challenges are you currently facing?

At this moment you want an external consultant to give you qualified feedback and support you in achieving your goals. And in the best case scenario, this person has already founded one or several companies herself?  

Then you are exactly right here. I help you, no matter where are you at the moment.

I also know: Success can be planned! You just have to do the right things at the right time. What exactly that is, is very individual and depends on the business model and the strengths of the entrepreneur. Don’t worry, we’ll work it out together.

When we work together, you can benefit from all my knowledge, my experience and also my network as an entrepreneur. Throughout my time working with you, I will be your coach and mentor, reminding you of your goals and helping you to achieve them.

The first session is free. We will discuss your current situation and challenges, define your goals and set the coaching framework.  I will then make you an individual offer for my 12-week business program.