Hello, I am Bianka. I am an entrepreneur and business coach, living a free life and being able to work from anywhere i want to.

Whenever i meet people, they tell me.. wow! you are so lucky that you can do that. And then i say.. no i am not lucky. I worked for it. I created my life, the way i want it to be.

And this is what i am showing you and helping you with. It is possible to build and create the life you want to live.. in a business context and also regarding your private life.
Lets get started!

How do you want to live and work?

There has never been a time with more possibilities in terms of working technology than today. By that I don’t just mean the technological improvements that allow us to work highly efficiently, when and where we want… also that. But I mean above all that today we have such dynamic and globalized markets that it is more possible than ever to develop oneself and work independently – with the help of one’s own creativity. And we live in a time of great challenges. Many people feel that this has a rather negative impact on their lives. However, I am convinced that these challenges and uncertainties are full of enormous opportunities and possibilities. They want to be taken. By you! It’s good to have you here. Let’s collaborate and give your (work) life a new perspective!

Business Coaching

Business Program: Create your Dream Business
- 12 weeks
- 1:1 individual sessions for exactly your situation
- we work together on YOUR business goals
- with clear results, you will be at a different point in your life afterwards. Are you ready for this?

Strategy session for your business setup

- Duration 90 minutes
- Individual session for exactly your business goals
- receive your personal strategy plan, your roadmap with that you can continue on your own
- Bonus: Template for your daily goals and progress