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A 5-Step Guide to Business Creation: How to Find out who your customers are and what to offer

Uncover your passions, filter external influences, and select energizing activities to shape your entrepreneurial journey.

Do these thougths feel familiar?

“I can’t start my own business, I don’t have any idea what to do. I am not even sure what I’m good at.” Here’s my 6-step priority list – how to figure it out for yourself while you’re still sitting in the office.

Uncovering Your Passions: Brainstorming Your Desires

I know these thoughts very well: you’ve been doing what you do for a long time. You’re also good at it or at least you think you are because you’ve been getting paid for it for years. Maybe you’ve even attended seminars to deepen your knowledge. Maybe you’ve even been to university to prepare for your job. And now you’re thinking about a change.

No, actually you don’t want to think about it because it feels like you’re throwing away your career and everything you’ve done so far.

Maybe you can change a little? Then the feeling won’t be so bad…

Well no. You don’t actually want to work in your current field anymore. Not even a little bit.

First of all, this is how an incredible number of people feel and very few manage to start something new. The fear is too intense that the new thing won’t work and you’ll have to explain it to your friends and family. What will they think?

On the other hand, just because many people remain in their current situation doesn’t mean it’s the right path. Because it is not. The truth is that there is no one right path for us in life, no one right career and certainly not because we decided to go down this path X years ago.

How many crossroads have we ignored to this day and simply didn’t make a turn, but have kept going straight ahead, following our previous path. How much differently would our lives have turned out if we had chosen a different major, done a different internship, gone abroad to study? What if we had fallen in love there?

Then all these paths would still have led us to a good and proper career. The truth is that there is no right or wrong on your career path… not even in your life. We have so many opportunities every day to decide one way or another and the more we take advantage of these opportunities and make different turns, the better and richer our lives become. And our career.

Filtering External Influences and Identifying Authentic Paths For Business Creation: this is how it works

Are you ready to make a new choice? Follow these 5 steps to find a new direction. You can do this in 10 minutes or take more time.

  1. Take a large sheet of paper and write down answers to the following questions:
    – What activity do you really enjoy spending your time with?
    – What did you like to do as a child, what were your hobbies?
    – What are you particularly good at, what are you better at than everyone else around you?
    Fokus on quantitiy, the more the better. Don’t do any jugdements at this point. Find at least 50 activities and ideas.
  2. Filter external influences by crossing out those activities that are not really your own. What do you like or think you like it, because someone else (parents, teachers, partner) sees that in you and is projecting it on you?
  3. Mark those 3 ideas that give you the most energy and create 3 jobs for yourself. Fantasy or real.
  4. Connect and talk to as many people as possible. Have your own strategy for these conversations. In the following interview/ article I give you some inspiration how you can do that.
  5. Do an internship in each of the three areas. It can be a mini internship, as long as you try yourself out and jump into that experience completely and fully aware. You will find out, where you see yourself in the future.

Do you need help finding more clarity or making decisions? Get in touch with me and let’s figure it out together.


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