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Some People Aren’t Meant to be an Employee

Some people are simply not the right fit as an employee.

The Reality of Traditional Employment Structures

Today’s working environment could be so much more enjoyable. We could find fulfillment in our job because we feel needed and valued and solve a real problem for the customer, add real value with what we do.

We could work in a great team with people who empower everyone else around them, help them grow and help them find solutions. Motivating us even when we doubt ourselves.

Our managers would be empathic and always in constant communication with us to support us in the best possible way and at the same time push the team to perform at their best. Our joint success would be celebrated regularly.

We could live our skills, develop them further and take on other tasks in the company as we develop, constantly expanding our potential. Wouldn’t that be a great career? Where would that take us?

It would be mind-blowing.

Signs You Might Not Fit the Employee Mold

Unfortunately, the reality looks different. In today’s corporate world – in the vast majority of companies – conditions are still the same as they were 50 years ago. Work is often done for other departments and not for the customer. How valuable is this work? How do people feel when they do it for half their lives? Even for a big paycheck, it’s hard to take.

Business theater is very much to be expected, especially in large companies and corporations. Women are still underrepresented in management positions in Germany. Why is that? Perhaps we do not feel like engaging in this theater. Because things don’t get any better when you move up the career ladder.

People function and are a long way from realizing their potential, not to mention expanding it.

This world still needs employees who complete tasks and fulfill job profiles.

As a result, many people waste not only their talents but also their time and energy in these structures. But they stay in their job hoping that their assignments will change at some point, that they will get a different team, that working conditions will change. The boss might also leave soon. I have been telling these stories to myself for several years.

(With no success, by the way. And writing these lines with some personal distance feels good!)

And I also remember these thoughts from many of my colleagues at the time.

We all wasted our energy fighting against such structures mentally and trying to find a way to endure them… for ourselves, so that we could carry on every day.

What a torture and why have we put up with it for so long?

Some don’t seem to mind the conditions. They come in the morning and leave in the evening, week after week, month after month, year after year. And they have their reasons: It all seems to work out for them: They are doing their job, the boss leaves them alone and their salary is enough for everything they I need. They can take vacations twice a year.

These are the happy employees.

Wait a minute. Are they really?

Embracing Alternative Career Paths

Everyone else is simply not suitable as an employee. The system and the structures don’t suit their lives. They work in different ways and need different structures in which they can perform better and develop. More flexible structures, ones that they determine themselves.

If you have read this far and find yourself, don’t wait any longer.

Stop waiting for things that aren’t going to happen. Don’t let the numbers on your paycheck fool you into thinking you’re not wasting your time. Because you are. Every day anew.

Even if you’ve already invested a lot of time in this career.

Those were your goals X years ago, they are no longer your goals today. Because you know more about yourself today.

Believe me, something better is waiting for you.


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