Do you really own your business or is it the other way around? What focus should we have, when planning a second career?

This is not about money. The very first question is not, whether you make enough profit to live from it but rather if it fits your lifestyle. Don‘t start your entrepreneurial journey thinking about turnover and profits. It‘s important no doubt about that.. it’s just not step number one. It’s something that can be solved, when preparing the business model.

I am writing these lines especially for employees who are thinking of a second career. Basically anyone who has a regular income and is thinking from there.

Think about why you are unhappy in your situation right now. Maybe you were focusing on the wrong things. Thinking about money, getting a raise.. instead of enjoying your job, doing fun and inspiring activities.. all that got you where you are right now.

So this time planning your second career you need a different focus. You can allow yourself to have a different focus.

Because it really is true, that money follows once you enjoy what you do and have a working business model. It doesnt even matter what this business is about. As long as it works for you. As long as you have fun doing what you do, as long as you move forward and constantly work on your vision, strategy and improve from where you are. Money will follow.

The really important first question is: how do you want to live? Where do you want to wake up?

Do you really like the town where you live right now? Why do you live there anyway? Because you grew up there? Because your familiy lives there? Because your job is there? That’s all good reasons, but there is other places in your country, in Europe and on this planet that are worth exploring.

Who do you want to wake up with?

Who do you want to spend time with? Who do you want to work with. What mindset do these people have? Are they pushing you enough and supporting you?

I am also thinking about that there are different mindsets existing among nations. And even though I like Germany as a country, I feel like I have to get away on a regular basis because the most open minded and creative people and ideas I do not find here.

There are a lot of pessimists in this country, constant bad news and crises in the media, people who patronize and lecture you, authorities getting in your way with bureaucracy. Totally unnecessary to deal with.

Of course I stay away from all that and I have my crowd of favorite people. But every now and then I am confronted with it and then these people or stuff jumps right at me before I even have a chance to say „No, get away from me ;D“
So I’m often abroad in order to have beautiful surroundings and nature on the one hand, but also to clear my head and flood it with positive and inspiring thoughts . More headspace new ideas.

And I love my nomadic life and being able to working digitally, at least to a certain extent.

What’s your secret sauce? And how would it feel to turn it into a business?

As I get to know many customers and their business models, I can say that most of them start with a side hustle while they are employed. I find this very rational, first of all there is financial safety and second, you have sooo much time in your job to think about more fascinating activities and also start building a business around these activities. Way better than keep sitting on your office chair until you retire ;D

What a great opportunity this is when being employed!

A lot of my customers start their side business or second career in the same area they have been working in previously.. because they know the business and have a lot of experience. BUT I have to say I meet way more people who are starting something completely different from their previous profession.

They start with a hobby, they have practiced for years and where they are on an expert level now. And its so much fun to work with these people because its really amazing how creative and passionate people get with their (former) hobby now turning it into a business and making it profitable.

Build the business around your life not the other way around!


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