Getting started with a creative business – About expertise, Social Media and still being employed

Starting a creative business and dealing with low feelings

When we are getting started with a new business idea, that is at the same time a creative business idea, then showing our work is not only necessary, but very decisive. As well as exposing ourself and being visible.

This can produce feelings of excitement and curiosity. How great! But it can also produce insecurity.

In one of my recent coaching sessions with a very talented and creative woman, she was talking about that insecurity or even fear she had, which was holding her back from doing the first steps.

She has a craft hobby that she practices for many years already and she is really good in doing what she does. Of course because she has build a lot of experience over the years.

Now she wanted to teach that craft to other people and give workshops.

She talked about how much she wanted her business idea to work because it is really connected with the vision of the life she wants to have.

Over the last years she had made several attempts and wasn’t successfull to even start.

She felt insecure and felt she needed more skill. She didn’t get past that step until now, even though she was practicing and building skills all the time.

In her beliefs, she wasn’t good enough yet and this feeling stayed.

Do these thoughts feel familiar to you?

But what is the real problem here? Her not being good enough or BELIEVING that she wasn‘t?

If you believe you are not good enough to start and are missing skills, to do this one little first step in the right direction which gets you going.. then this is never going to happen. IT IS A PROBLEM OF YOUR BELIEVE.

Think of the fact, that the majority of your customers/ your audience are not on an advanced level. They don’t expect a certain level of technique. They just expect you to bring them to a state of mind where they can be creative and where they enjoy what they do. And to enjoy what you do, you dont need to be perfect in your technique. You just need to be able to transfer the right feeling to your customer.

Starting your Social Media journey as a creative Entrepreneur

When it comes to marketing and Social Media Marketing, it takes courage to talk about your work and to present it.

I can understand that very well, because it cost me a lot of struggle to start posting and to be vulnerable in that sense. After all, we expose ourselves to the judgment of others.

And there are all these other great people and stories to whom we campare ourself. It’s so awful, because we will never reach that level and never be that perfect as they are. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about being authentic, not care and compare with others and just start wherever point we stand at. Everything can start from there.

We get to inspire people with our work and make possibilities visible.

One more thing here:

Try not to link your business so much with your ego. Step away from it. It’s not so much about you as it is about your customers and potential customers. You want to create value and your marketing is part of that value.

Your customer and you creating value for him.. that is your „why“!

So marketing is also part of the job you have to do. Growing yourself and your techniques and also your marketing skills, design.. all that. It can be developed along the way. A cool story too, when people watch you develop in that sense.

No need to feel small! The most important thing is THAT YOU START AT ALL. Not how you start.

What’s the message you send along? We’re all human. We grow and evolve. We’re all playing the same game here.

Starting a creative business while you are employed. Is that even possible?

Actually that’s one of the best situations you can be in. You get your salary at the end of the month and you can develop your creative skills however fast you like. Also you can start thinking about your business model, target customers, design your offer.

And you can start to build an audience and talk to potential customers on social media.

At this point its „only a hobby“ right? So you have nothing to loose and a bunch of possibilities to discover. Go for it and see where it gets you.

Then start a side hustle. Continue. Don’t forget to have fun!

You might be able to quit your job ;D


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